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Custom Concrete/Vinyl Hybrid Pools

We at Pool Pro Design Backyard spaces into a full outdoor solution. We handle everything from Retaining Walls to the sound audio systems. We provide you with a full 3d rendering of your backyard prior to even starting the project. Then as the progress of the job goes along and you ask, "I wonder what a pergola would like like over there" I would respond, " Hang on just a minute and I'll render it"

There are no pools alike at Pool Pro
We custom design, then custom measure to fit multi-pattern, Multi color liners to fit them. We do alot of custom stone work and use alot of travertine on our borders instead of traditional aluminium coping. Of course we can install a simple plain pool in about a weeks time if that is more of what you want, we enjoy custom though.

Custom Vinyl Liner Swimming Pool
Custom vinyl Pool Tanning ledge

Custom Pool Tanning Ledge

Custom Liner Pool

This was a fun project except the rain was not on our side. We still enjoyed it in the end though. We put in bubblers and 3 shear decsents on this pool.

Summer projects for 2019